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Programme of Events, Past and Present

All meetings will be held on the second Monday of every month, 7.00pm at the

Dunfermline Building Society HQ, Dunfermline


Programme of Events - 2011/2012


Monday 12th September 2011 Session welcome and general round table discussion
Monday 10th October 2011 Site visit to Dunfermline Fire Station - presentation and tour of new complex - Station Manager, Graeme Barkley
Monday 14th November 2011 Lockout Tagout Ltd - safety lockout systems and procedures - Ted Boynton
Monday 12th December 2011 FMC Technologies - presentation and tour of new wind turbine facility - Sheena Johnston
Monday 9th January 2012 General round table discussion
Monday 13th February 2012 ARCO and Globus - new developments in PPE - Martin Brown and Campbell Brown
Monday 12th March 2012 Tullis Russell tour of mill and presentation - Eddie Allan and Kenny Greive
Monday 9th April 2012 General round table discussion
Monday 14th May 2012 AGM


Programme of Events - 2010/2011


Monday 13th September 2010 Group Discussion; Short Presentation – Work at Height; H&S Case Law Update
Monday 11th October 2010 Speaker TBC; Group Discussion
Monday 8th November 2010 Group Discussion; Short Presentation - Evacuation Chairs; H&S Case Law Update
Monday 13th December 2010 Speaker TBC; Group Discussion
Monday 10th January 2011 Group Discussion; Short Presentation - Workplace Transport - MORR; Colin Smith - Moving Goods Safely; H&S Case Law Update
Monday 14th February 2011 Speaker TBC; Group Discussion
Monday 14th March 2011 Group Discussion; Short Presentation - Control of Contractors and Permit to Work Systems; H&S Case Law Update
Monday 11th April 2011 Speaker TBC; Group Discussion
Monday 9th May 2011 Site visit - see the Goliath crane ordered by Babcock for the final assembly of Britain’s new Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers.
Monday 13th June 2011 AGM; Short Presentation - Lead Work & Hot Work; H&S Case Law Update


Programme of Events - 2009/2010


Monday 14th September 2009 Andy Jones & Marion Harvie Fife Safety Camera Partnership
Monday 12th October 2009 Tom Stocker, Partner, McGrigors Solicitors Legal Update – H&S and Environmental
Monday 9th November 2009 Dougie Potter & Shona Robertson Emergency Planning Officer – Fife Council Business Continuity and DR.
Monday 14th December 2009 Bruce Pirie – Knockhill Racing Circuit Major Event Safety
Monday 11th January 2010 Stephen Rennie – Energy Saving Trust Green Transport and Travel Plans
Monday 8th February 2010 Aileen Simpson, Deputy Director and Head of Delivery for the Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives
Monday 8th March 2010 Dr Linda Bell, Business Medical Limited Occupational Health
Monday 12th April 2010 Louise Gillen from Scafftag Safety Systems
Monday 11th May 2010 AGM


Programme of Events - 2008/2009


Monday 8th June 2009 Site Visit – Knockhill Racing Circuit
Monday 11th May 2009 AGM and Awards Presentation
Monday 20th April 2009 Errol Parish of Mines Rescue - The History of Mines Rescue
Monday 9th March 2009 Margaret Blythe, an Environmental Health Officer for Clackmananshire Council - A day in the life of an EHO...
Monday 9th February 2009 DC Nick Reville, Fife Constabulary - Operation Argus
Monday 12th January 2009 Alan Harwood, FMC Technologies - Safety Incident Case Study
Monday 8th December 2008 Nicola McLean - Changes to the CDM Regulations
Monday 10th November 2008 Dr Nigel Homes – Director (Scotland) - National Industrial Symbiosis Programme
Monday 13th October 2008 Ian Mackie from Fife Council Business Support Team - Food Safety
Monday 8th September 2008 Elena Fry, Partner, Biggart Baillie LLP - The Corporate Homicide Act


Programme of Events - 2006/2007/2008


Monday 9th June 2008 Site Visit – Venue TBC.
Monday 12th May 2008 AGM and Awards Presentation.
Monday 14th April 2008 Ian Paton of Children 1st - Health and Safety in the Voluntary Sector.
Monday 10th March 2008 Nicola McLean of Alliance P S - Changes to CDM Regulations.
Monday 11th February 2008 Lynne McCaffery of Healthcare Connections - Pandemic Influenza.
Monday 14th January 2008 David Mercer of Exxonmobil - Disaster Planning/Major Incident Control.
Monday 10th December 2007 Mark Ramsey of Ionactive - The Role of the Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA).
Monday 12th November 2007 Brendan Reid of The Carbon Trust.
Monday 8th October 2007 David Latto of Fife Fire and Rescue - the workings of the Fire Scotland Act 2005 one year on.
Monday 14th May 2007 AGM and Awards Evening - Dr Karen McDonnell from RoSPA presenting on Health and Safety Strategies in Scotland.
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Monday 25th September 2006 AGM.


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