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Speaker Presentations

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14th May 2012 Ted Boynton of Lockout Tagout Ltd - LOTO
13th February 2012 Crawford Brochie of Globus (Shetland) Ltd - Hand Protection Selection
10th January 2011 Colin Smith of Central Weighing Ltd - The Dangers of Vehicle Overloading…Don’t Take It Lightly!
8th March 2010 Dr Linda Bell, Health Surveillance Fitness for Safety Critical Work
9th November 2009 Ken Haig - Carnegie College, Health & Safety Training in Schools.
14th September 2009 Andy Jones & Marion Harvie Fife Safety Camera Partnership.
10th November 2008 Dr Nigel Holmes from the National Industrial Symbiosis Programme (NISP) - Waste Management and Recycling Streams.
8th September 2008 Elena Fry, Partner, Biggart Baillie LLP - The Corporate Homicide Act.
12th May 2008 Euan Drysdale from Keegan and Pennykidd - Health and Safety an Insurance Perspective.
10th March 2008 Peter Ager from Fife Council - Young People at Work.
11th February 2008 Lynn McCaffray from Healthcare Connections - Pandemic Influenza Planning.
12th November 2007 Brendan Reid of the Carbon Trust - Carbon Issues and Opportunities.
10th September 2007 Peter Ager of the Fife Council Intervention Team.
16th April 2007 Anna Graham from the Business Environment Partnership (BEP) - Why Environmental Management?
12th March 2007 Alister Andrew from Forth Estuary Transport Authority (FETA) - Safety Aspects of the Forth Road Bridge.
12th February 2007 Jack Pryde from Dunfermline Building Society - Risk Assessment & 'Duty of Care' - Fleet Management.
8th January 2007 John Johnston from FMC Technologies - DDA for an Inclusive Society.
11th December 2006 Rita Keyte from Fife Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT).


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Safety Group - Fife Site Visits

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Mines Rescue - 13 June 2006 (2.05MB) Mines Rescue - 19 February 2007 (1.46MB)
ExxonMobile - 11 June 2007 (271KB) Dunfermline Fire Station - 10 October 2011

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