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Safety Group - Fife has been in existence since 1939 when the local Factories Inspector encouraged 63 local companies to form an association to encourage safe working.

Originally entitled 'The Fife and Kinross Industrial Safety Council', renamed 'Fife and Kinross Occupational Health and Safety Council' in 1974, renamed 'Fife Chamber of Safety' in 1998, and finally renamed 'Safety Group - Fife' in 2007, the organisation has since met on a monthly basis for the exchange of ideas on accident prevention, industrial health, welfare and the application of safety legislation.

The organisation set out to develop and stimulate safety awareness in employer and employee, and to devise ways and means of accident prevention and the increase of interest in matters of health and safety. Safety Group - Fife is still striving to promote such principles, meeting on the second Monday of each month and engaging experts to lecture on a variety of subjects which can be of use and interest to member companies. Frequent low cost/high value seminars are held with particular emphasis on the introduction of changes in safety legislation and the development of new technology which can assist in creating a safer working environment. Subjects covered in recent years include; Computers for Safety Management, Occupational Health Care, Noise at Work, Respiratory Protection, Ergonomics/Manual Handling, Risk Assessment, Legionnaires Disease, Fire Reform, Environmental Management, the future of the Forth Road Bridge, Slips, Trips and Falls, the DDA and Asbestos.

Although the title of the group was changed in 2007, the philosophy and aims have remained the same: to encourage safe working practices and to assist in developing and stimulating safety awareness in employers and employees.

We are a non-profit making organisation paying particular regard to the requirements of small local companies trying to survive in this increasingly competitive world.

S.G. Dimeck

Former Chairman (Fife Chamber of Safety)

November 2002



Safety Group - Fife forms part of the ever growing network of local community safety groups around the UK affiliated with Safety Groups UK and the Scottish Chamber of Safety.

The group also benefits from membership of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

Scottish Chamber of Safety  Safety Groups UK  Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents - RoSPA

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